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So, you're considering becoming involved in counseling. Psychotherapy can be invaluable in helping you sort through confusing and upsetting events and feelings to be able to make better decisions and responses. This website will help you feel better educated about how psychotherapy works and how I might be able to assist you in your journey.

"But I'm not crazy!" Being in counseling does not mean you're crazy! Rather, it indicates that you are looking for a better way to manage life stressors.‚Äč

"I should be able to figure this out myself." Well, you might be able to, but doesn't it make sense to utilize the best tools for the job? That's where psychotherapy can help. You won't be told what to do. Rather, you'll be given the tools to make that decision yourself.

"I don't want to be in therapy forever." You won't be. Most psychotherapy lasts only 10 - 12 sessions depending on the issues involved and your focus on making changes.

"Counseling costs too much." Many health insurance policies cover a portion of therapy charges. There may well be a copay (generally under $25) but for most clients, the stress reduction and feeling of competence is well worth it. For those without health insurance, there is a sliding fee scale which can be negotiated to keep counseling affordable.

"It's hard to tell a stranger my business." Absolutely! And feeling safe and comfortable with your therapist is crucial to your success. Most people report feeling very comfortable at the end of their first session. However, if that is not your experience, I will gladly help you find a therapist who is a better match.

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